Making the Jump: How to Seamlessly Onboard onto Cloud Video Security

Equipped with an internet connection and security cameras? By design, you're primed for the future of surveillance monitoring

Despite their potential,
95% of security cameras remain mute observers of impending risks.

Simply owning security cameras isn't enough. Considering that each camera can generate up to 300,000 terabytes of data daily, maintaining vigilant threat surveillance becomes increasingly complex.


At ARCADIAN.AI, we've dedicated ourselves to transcending traditional security boundaries. We offer a blend of seamless connectivity, affordable cloud storage, continuous live streaming, and automated surveillance monitoring. Our platform is purposefully designed to elevate and transform your monitoring experience."


Keep your gear! Seamlessly onboard with just an internet connection. Stream live, monitor in real-time from anywhere in the world, and have peace of mind with every frame. 🎥
Your security, our commitment.

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Universal Support for All Leading Camera Brands

Committed to effortless onboarding, we ensure unparalleled plug-and-play compatibility, regardless of your existing setup


In the blueprint for tomorrow? Safety isn't just a feature—it's a priority.

Always on, always accessible, and tailored for every budget. We tolerate no compromises. Why? Because security setbacks aren't just inconvenient, they're costly. Proactive surveillance empowers you to stay ahead, stay protected, and thrive with unwavering assurance.

You’re Here Because:
Smart security cameras


1/ Monitoring Has Become a Hassle

Did You Know? Continuous security threat monitoring is now automated.


3/ You Got Robbed by Customers or Employees

Does Your Business Not Feel Safe Anymore? Switching to a smart surveillance platform is ensuring that every inch of your business is under vigilant watch.


2/ Tired of NVR/DVR Storage Limitations

The Future is Cloudy! ☁️ Relish the freedom to store more, with no fear of maxing out or risking the security of your footage.


4/ Drowning in False Alerts?

Precision is Our Promise: Fine-tune detection with next generation AI and video intelligence.


Slice through the footage clutter, and focus on what matters.

Ever questioned your insight into your customers? Delve deeper with ARCADIAN.AI. In a landscape of unfolding risks, our proactive surveillance positions you at the forefront. With us, small business owners aren't just adapting—they're pioneering.


Activity Hotspots

Enhance visibility & curate top-tier experiences by identifying key activity zones.


Data Distillation

Turn hours of footage into easy-to-grasp visuals, ready for your next strategic move to drive revenue.


Futuristic Forecasts

Use today's data to masterfully tackle tomorrow's challenges.


Navigational Insights

Map your customers' movements and unveil their deepest preferences.


Anomaly Alarms

Quickly spot and address any hiccups, ensuring a seamless and safe business environment.

Our Story

We are more than a company; we are pioneers, futurists and engineers envisioning a safer tomorrow.

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