Securing Your Tranquility: Our Unwavering Dedication to Cybersecurity and Privacy

At ARCADIAN.AI, we recognize the immense trust you bestow upon us when entrusting your video surveillance. This trust is not taken lightly. As a result, cybersecurity and data privacy are deeply ingrained in the fabric of our business.


Confidentiality of Video Footage

We employ unwavering commitment to robust cybersecurity measures, leaving no stone unturned in protecting your invaluable video data. This includes but not limited to:


Thorough Access Controls

Our uncompromising roles and permissions management ensures authorized access to your valuable assets, including but not limited to your video footage, camera setups, maps, workspaces, and billing.


Precise Data Handling

Our zero-trust approach ensures strict procedures for handling and storing video data. Your information remains confidential, and access is granted only with your explicit permission.


No Third-Party Sharing

We strictly adhere to a policy of never sharing your video data with any third parties without your explicit consent. Rest assured, we prioritize the confidentiality and security of your data, ensuring that it remains solely under your control.

Our Commitment to Cybersecurity


Regular Security Audits & Updates

Committing to regular security updates to protect against evolving cybersecurity threats.


Employee Training

Our certified engineers ensure bulletproof security.



Your video data is end-to-end encrypted for continuous protection.


Secure Infrastructure

Secured by Amazon AWS, your valuable video data is protected with reliability.

Data Privacy

With Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocols and TLS standards in place, we are committed to protecting not just your video data, but all the information you provide to us.

All Transmitted Data – Meticulously encrypted from cloud to device
All Stored Data – Safeguarded in the AWS cloud with robust encryption protocols
All Analyzed Data –
Encoded and encrypted at cloud layer

Improvement: Your peace of mind is our passion.

Our commitment to your trust is unwavering. We continuously improve our cybersecurity and privacy measures to provide you with the highest level of protection. If you have any questions about our rigorous security practices, please reach out to us at

Our Team

We are more than a company; we are pioneers, futurists and engineers envisioning a safer tomorrow.

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