The cure to information overload is more information.

To a collector of curios, the dust is metadata. - David Weinberger 

It's challenging and potentially error-prone to manually monitor video footage to identify events, incidents, and behaviours by sight. Some might even argue that it's an impossible activity. Can you relate?

To automate understanding of the enormous amount of data surveillance captures, we rely on machine-learning engines to build deep-learning algorithms. The primary objective of incorporating deep learning into VSaaS is to automatically get notified of temporal and/or spatial events and, in more advanced solutions, predict those recurring incidents and behaviours before they occur. 

Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning that involves using neural networks to learn patterns and features from data to make decisions or predictions. The use of deep learning in surveillance monitoring significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the surveillance process, equipping us to respond more quickly to potential threats or incidents.

One key aspect of these systems that is often overlooked is the role of metadata. Simply put, metadata is data that provides information about other data. The cure to information overload is more information, one might argue. 

In the context of VSaaS and analyzing the enormous amount of data your surveillance captures, this can include a wide range of information. Time and date that the footage was captured; the location of the camera, event or behaviour; and any relevant tags applied to the footage such as colour, object dimensions, people count, movement direction and beyond. By providing additional context and information to certain frames, metadata can help to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of analytics algorithms, and make it easier for you to locate and analyze relevant events taking place around you. 

For businesses and organizations looking to implement video analytics and VSaaS solutions, the incorporation of metadata is a crucial consideration. 

By choosing a solution that properly utilizes metadata, businesses can maximize the value and ROI of their investment.

If you're considering implementing video analytics and VSaaS in your business, take notice of the importance of metadata. A solution that effectively integrates and utilizes metadata can provide many benefits, automating your security and surveillance efforts and protecting your people and properties.


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