Let's measure: how much time and money can I save with cloud VSaaS?

A recent survey by Forbes found that 85% of businesses are transforming to cloud computing in one form or another. 

Care to know why?

  • M O N E Y -  With cloud-native VSaaS, businesses can use less expensive hardware and infrastructure to store and manage their surveillance footage. This can result in significant cost savings in the long run. According to a study by Markets&Markets, the global VSaaS market is expected to grow from $3.3 billion in 2018 to $10.1 billion by 2023, at a compound annual growth rate of 25.4%. This suggests that the VSaaS market is expected to continue growing at a significant rate in the coming years. Additionally, a survey by IHS Markit found that 53% of respondents said that cost savings were the primary reason for choosing a VSaaS solution.


  • S CA L A B I L I T Y -  Surveillance monitoring on the cloud is highly scalable, which means that businesses can easily add or remove cameras as needed without having to worry about the additional storage and processing requirements. 

This can be especially useful for businesses that experience fluctuations in their security needs, such as retail stores during the holiday season.

    According to a survey by SecurityInfoWatch, 72% of respondents said that scalability was a critical factor in choosing a VSaaS solution.

    • S E C U R I T Y - At a 1/10 of cost, small-medium businesses can, too, have enterprise-grade security measures to ensure that their surveillance footage is kept safe and secure. This is critical for any businesses that handle sensitive data or operate in regulated industries. In a survey conducted by IHS Markit, 78% of respondents said that security was the top concern when considering a VSaaS solution.

    • R E M O T E   A C C E S S - With cloud VSaaS, businesses can easily access their surveillance footage from anywhere with an internet connection. Even in low-bandwidth areas,  businesses are still able to monitor their premises remotely and respond to any potential security threats. 

    • Z E R O  D O W N T I M E -  VSaaS built on Kubernetes has a very robust infrastructure in place to ensure that surveillance footage is always available and can be accessed quickly in the event of an emergency. This can provide businesses with added peace of mind and help to minimize downtime to zero. 

    If you're considering upgrading your surveillance system, it's definitely worth considering a cloud VSaaS solution. The VSaaS market is expected to continue growing at a significant rate in the coming years. 

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