With the advent of cloud-based technology and artificial intelligence (AI), VSaaS provides advanced features for searching through live and stored video footage, making it possible to locate and review incidents quickly.

AI-driven search in surveillance leverages the power of machine-learning algorithms to identify and categorize objects, people, and activities within the video footage. By using AI to analyze the video footage, VSaaS can provide advanced search results in real-time, making it possible to find the information you need quickly. This not only improves security but also makes it easier for businesses and organizations to comply with regulations and provide evidence for legal proceedings. 

A R C A D I A N . A I leverages complex non-relational search models through AI to find key tags, events and metadata. Some of the advanced search capabilities of our solution are: 

  1. Object Recognition: ARCADIAN.AI is trained to automatically recognize objects within the video footage, such as vehicles, people, weapons, or specific types of clothing. This can be useful for identifying specific items that may be related to a crime or security incident.

  2. Activity Recognition: our AI algorithms are trained to recognize specific types of events, such as theft or intrusion. This type of search can be used to identify instances of suspicious activity quickly.

  3. Date & Time Search: This allows users to search for footage based on specific dates and times, making it easy to find incidents/objects/tags that occurred during specific time periods.

  4. Motion Search: Leveraging motion detection technology to identify areas of the video footage that contain movement. Combined with AI-powered activity recognition, you quickly identify instances of activity, such as theft or intrusion, before they take place. 

  5. Face Search: Our facial recognition technology is bound to the ethics of identifying individuals within your organization only.  ARCADIAN.AI enables identifying suspects/outsiders/non-employees or tracking the movements of specific individuals throughout your entire complex, respecting the privacy of people under surveillance. 

The search capabilities of VSaaS provide significant benefits for surveillance monitoring, making it a powerful tool for security and investigations. According to a recent report, the global VSaaS market is expected to reach $7.47 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 17.7% from 2020 to 2027. This growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for advanced surveillance monitoring solutions, as well as the growing popularity of cloud-based technology.

Whether you are a business looking to improve security, or a law enforcement agency looking to solve crimes, ARCADIAN.AI offers an efficient and effective solution to incident finding. Let's Talk.