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Our five senses in human form are limiting.

A R C A D I A N . A I: Eliminating the Effort Required to Monitor

It's challenging and potentially error-prone to manually monitor video footage to identify events, incidents, and behaviours by sight. Some might even argue that it's an impossible activity. Can you relate?

AI-driven surveillance refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze and interpret video surveillance data, eliminating the need to monitor footage by sight. ; And to predict future incidents in advanced trained models.

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Re-imagining your experience with surveillance, empowering your security measures,and eliminating false alerts by 100%

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To automate understanding of the enormous amount of data surveillance captures, we rely on machine-learning engines to build deep-learning algorithms. 

The primary objective of incorporating deep learning into VSaaS is to automatically get notified of temporal and/or spatial events and, in more advanced solutions, predict those recurring incidents and behaviours before they occur. 

Sound analytics is the process of extracting meaningful insights and information from captured audio data.

It involves using machine learning algorithms and signal processing techniques to analyze audio signals and extract features such as pitch, rhythm, and tone. Gun shots, screams, crowd detection and predicting high-stress situations are what we do best.

Our built-in machine learning also enables advanced features such as search in live, object detection, people count, and motion detection, allowing for easy scalability and integration with other security systems.

Our modern solution eliminates the need for on-premise storage, maintenance and video footage monitoring, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

No footage is ever lost with our platform.

Whether it's due to natural or man-made disasters such as robbery, our zero-downtime infrastructure combined with built-in edge storage support on our hybrid bridge (Cloud Connector) ensures that all footage is always securely end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) and transmitted to the cloud at all times.

Preventative surveillance monitoring is taking control of situations before they occur. The use of deep learning (AI) in surveillance monitoring significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the surveillance process, equipping us to respond more quickly to potential threats or incidents.

At A R C A D I A N . A I, we take pride in providing a virtual surveillance solution that is not only sophisticated and reliable but also cloud-native and scalable from the ground up.

You have complete control and freedom over the number of days you want to store your footage for. Our Storage Retention Period offerings vary from 3h, 24h, 1d, 3d, 7d, and 30d to 365 days in extended cold storage setups.

What is #Metadata

Video analytics are built-in machine-learning algorithms that automatically generate annotations, giving context to events happening in the video, called the Metadata.

One key aspect of these systems that is often overlooked is the role of metadata.Simply put, metadata is data that provides information about other data.

Using metadata, A R C A D I A N . A I's machine learning algorithms are trained to automate the process of identifying and tracking objects and events, detecting anomalies, and generating alerts.

AI /ˌāˈī/ short for Artificial Intelligence

Perceiving, synthesizing, and inferring information — demonstrated by machine learning algorithms.

Automating the process of identifying and tracking objects and events, detecting anomalies, and generating alerts.

Eliminating the need for manual monitoring, and providing real-time insights and alerts.

For Business, Unlimited Locations

A R C A D I A N . A I removes the effort required to monitor. Our platform is meant to be an invisible pillar of your business's security and continuity by

  • Solving for your existing physical security hardware and supporting your future investments
  • Eliminating your physical security cyberattacks by zero percent
  • Receiving proactive real-time alerts on your hardware health, potential threats and suspicious behaviour
  • Enabling you to manage multiple locations, teams and permissions under one umbrella
  • Increasing your situational awareness by connecting your cameras to your locks, access controls and sensors;
  • And last but not least, Offering you surveillance automation and video analytics tailored to your unique business needs.

Bring Your Own Camera

Want to keep your existing hardware?Supporting 3,000+ Camera Models
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  • 3,0 0 0+ camera models
Video Security Monitoring For the enterprise, Digital Transformation

For Enterprise, Multi-Cloud Deployment

A R C A D I A N . A I, as a cloud-native solution from the ground up, is deployed on Amazon AWS. We do offer private ARCADIAN cloud, hybrid and your own inter-organizational private cloud deployments at an enterprise level.


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Video Surveillance for Public Transportation, CCTV, Subway, City

Speeding up investigation by centralized video security monitoring connected to city and police entities. Suitable for underground subway, train stations, and public transportation.

Multi-branch management to ensure the safety of assets and your employees all across. With the integrated emergency response availability, mitigate risks and meet compliance standards at all layers -- Cloud, hardware, application and network.

Ensure the security of multiple properties, equipment and employees from a single point of view at cost. Zero-touch maintenance to streamline your construction operations.

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