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Earth must be the safest playground for our children.

The chameleon eyes are the most distinctive among reptiles. Hyper situational awareness, immense predator avoidance and a wide domain range make the chameleon. — nature's best surveillance system.

A R C A D I A N . A I is an emerging technology company innovating with AI-driven cloud-native surveillance solutions.

Our mission is to deliver the 'Right to Safety' as a state-of-the-art, available, affordable and invisible pillar of modern societies.

Master Plan

2024 - 2026

  • Manufacturing security camera
  • Trained data models to a reliable AI accuracy in incidents prevention
  • Grew the team to 45 people
  • Supporting 6,000+ camera models


  • Supporting 3,000+ camera models
  • Manufacturing smart bridge + edge storage
  • Opened soft launch for the public, free early access
  • Enabled IoT, access controls & locks integrations
  • Attended ISC West Security Expo, Vegas
  • Grew the team to 15 engineers

    2021 - 2023

  • Completed preliminary beta product test, release and review
  • Onboarded on Kubernetes Infrastructure, Amazon AWS
  • Built the modernized AI-driven VSaaS as a stateless, micro-services and API-first solution
  • Built an industry-leading team of engineers, industry experts and a board of advisors
  • Raised pre-seed money from Canadian Angels
  • Established ARCADIAN.AI's headquarters in Deleware, US

2008 - 2015

  • Built a legacy Video Management Software in-house, Toronto, CA


Our mission is to deliver the 'Right to Safety' as a state-of-the-art, available, affordable and invisible pillar of modern societies.







Your privacy is core to every thought, decision and action. We take a holistic view to release safe, secure, trust-worthy applications from ground-up.

We are obsessed with innovation, Overcoming obstacles and discovering opportunities through our curiosity and creativity to cater to bright futures.

Open, transparent and direct communication with every stakeholder, employee, investor and customer is what defines our values the most.

Committed to relentless execution, we set data-driven goals, and we hold ourselves accountable and committed to achieving those results.

We make solutions that the customer wants. We approach hard problems with customer-centric design and development. We have the tools and focused approach to delivering easy-to-use, seamless experiences.


We are futurists, disruptors and visionaries. With the right team, we can be more forward-thinking, open, and efficient in moving toward a better tomorrow.

We are the engineers of tomorrow, and we're looking for those eager to join our team and build it with us. If you feel your core values are aligned with us, drop us a line.

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It is crucial to be waking up in a world that is hopeful and inspiring.

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