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Only you. It is technically impossible for ARCADIAN.AI or any other 3rd party companies to access your data. Your footage in the cloud or on-edge (i.e. device) is stored with layers and layers of complex end-to-end encryption protocols.

Committed to protecting the integrity and ownership of your surveillance footage, we only have best-practice in place to keep your data protected — absolutely zero access privileges. 

We protect your data by executing one of the most cryptographically secure encryption algorithms ever invented; with AES 256, Advanced Encryption Standard, all your stored data is encrypted at rest. 

In addition, we have automatic cloud backup. Meaning regardless of interruptions and/or tampering happening to the hardware or your physical location, your data is always securely transmitted and stored on the cloud — You would never lose your footage ever again. 

Only you.  As a rule of thumb, by default, all ARCADIAN.AI systems encrypt data in transit using TLS, and all communication is over Port 443.

Compliance with AWS cloud security suite, in addition to securely encrypting all your data end-to-end, your hardware only makes outbound connections to our cloud services using the latest TLS protocols. 

Also, ARCADIAN.AI’s built-in users and permissions management modules enable you to grant access to your cameras for trusted members to stream.  

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The truth is that cloud storage is much more secure than storing all your footage locally. ARCADIAN.AI has built-in smart suspicious-activity monitoring, tamper detection, and security threat prediction algorithms. You can monitor your alert overview on a  dashboard and receive real-time notifications on the health of your surveillance devices. 

Many security breaches today involve credential theft, and lapses in cyber hygiene amplify the potential risk to businesses.

Zero-trust is the industry's most secure practice of eliminating any risks of unauthorized access. According to the protocol of never trust, always verify, we enforce access policies to our entire architecture, with no exceptions to the rules - even system admins.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the world. The GDPR is an important component of EU privacy law and of human rights law, in particular, Article 8 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

ARCADIAN.AI, by design, enables our customers across the globe to comply with the requirements of the GDPR while using our hardware and digital solutions across all our networks, devices and platform.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol is the industry's best practice for developing layered cryptography (Encryption) on the web.

TLS uses a combination of cryptographic processes to provide secure communication over a network. TLS uses public-key cryptography to provide authentication and secret-key cryptography with hash functions to guarantee privacy and data integrity. 

ARCADIAN.AI's network, cloud and application layres are secured from the ground up with the latest TLS 1.3 protocols.

In addition to our engineers being certified in AWS security, ARCADIAN.AI is PCI compliant, the industry's standard for processing encrypted payment transactions.

According to Stanford University's protocol of "Minimum Security Standards for SaaS/Paas software," ARCADIAN.AI is not only fulfilling the checklist but also has achieved security-first excellence by becoming GDPR compliant.


VSaaS, or Video Surveillance As a Service, is a term that describes the industry of providing surveillance through cloud-native software and cloud storage. With a low-cost monthly subscription fee, you can access an unlimited number of security cameras that can be easily connected to the cloud — to manage, store and analyze your footage.

ARCADIAN.AI is a smart, low-cost Plug & Play surveillance monitoring software-as-a-service that automates situational awareness for businesses and homeowners. By 'smart,' we mean that we are empowered by built-in analytics on the cloud and in-device, connected to AI engines.

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You would have scalability, availability and enterprise-grade security at your fingertips for as low as $2 per month. ARCADIAN.AI is a state-of-the-art VSaaS provider that offers the simplest interfaces to help you improve your security and protect your assets.

Video analytics are built-in software practices that automatically generate annotations, giving context to events happening in the video, called the Metadata. The primary objective of incorporating video analytics into VSaaS is to automatically get notified of temporal and spatial events and, in more advanced solutions, predict those recurring incidents and behaviours before they occur.

It's challenging and potentially error-prone to manually monitor video footage to identify events, incidents, and behaviours by sight. Some might even argue that it's an impossible activity. Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning that involves using neural networks to learn patterns and features from data to make decisions or predictions.

To automate understanding of the enormous amount of data surveillance captures, we rely on machine-learning engines to build deep-learning algorithms. The use of deep learning in surveillance monitoring significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the surveillance process, equipping us to respond more quickly to potential threats or incidents.

We're all about pushing the boundaries. Our innovation arm's vision to automate surveillance monitoring expands to and beyond:

  • Automated or user-generated bookmarks on video
  • Advanced Tags & Metadata manager
  • Search in live and historical footage
  • Suspicious activity monitoring
  • Sound analytics


  • Custom events (logic workflows) with no-code interfaces to generate real-time alerts: " Send my wife and I an SMS every time, after 5 pm, someone with a white hat, crosses this virtual fence [that I drew]."

Supporting more than 3,000+ models from any manufacturer. Get the list

At its basic core, The Cloud refers to remote servers capable of processing storage, applications, and networks located in physical data centres worldwide. This allows one to access otherwise inaccessible services, tools, and databases by simply being connected to the internet, the vast WWW network that connects us all on a global scale.

The advantages of modern cloud computing architecture in software development are countless; enhancing innovation, availability of resources, and economies of scale are only a few. ARCADIAN is proud to be a true cloud-native solution from the ground up.

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The Smart Bridge, with built-in analytics, is a 0.5 lb mini access point technology to plug & play any of your existing cameras -- no port forwarding, no DDNS or manual setups are required.

Arcadian Bridge can connect up to 20 cameras with its built-in auto-discovery all at once, supporting 3,00+ camera models, available at a discounted one-time purchase price of $199 only.

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Bandwidth is often mistaken for internet speed. Bandwidth is how much information you receive every second, while speed is how fast that information is received or downloaded. Streaming, gaming and other high-capacity activities demand a certain amount of bandwidth speed to get the best experience without much buffering or lag.

Regardless of the bandwidth delivered by your internet provider in the area, ARCADIAN's Bandwith-First approach, by design, will deliver your live footage at its fastest, most sustainable form.

ARCADIAN is smart enough to decide between performing certain activities, including but not limited to media capture, data encoding, and analytics on the edge (i.e. hardware), on the cloud, or hybrid. Enabling us to re-enforce versatility, performance, and value delivered to our end-users across the globe.

Plans & Subscriptions

We deploy on Amazon AWS, our private cloud and hybrid solutions for technically-mature enterprises.

We offer retention (storage days) ranging from 3 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days and 365 days with extended cold storage.

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Storage is a critical component in video surveillance. Storage Retention Period, usually offered in Days, is the time a service provider will securely store your footage. As a modern solution provider, ARCADIAN incorporated customer-centric methodologies to scale up your storage capabilities within a low-cost framework.

Advocating complete control and transparency to switch between high/low video resolution, motion-triggered recording options, and low-bandwidth friendly engineering deployments maximizes your storage days of 3, 7, 10, 30, 60 and 365 days to as low as 2$ per month per camera.

Unlimited. You can invite anyone, define teams and assign permissions.

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ARCADIAN.AI by design enables you to automatically plug & play any number of cameras. We have removed the effort required to install, monitor or analyze.

Leave us your email, and we'll send you an exclusive free trial early access to plug & play. No credit cards or commitments.

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Surveillance Cameras

Our smart bridge (cloud connector) supports more than 3,000+ camera models. Learn more Plug & Play

ARCADIAN.AI is a bandwidth-first surveillance solution. Meaning we prioritize taking all the necessary measures to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted surveillance experience. Built-in edge storage, a smart resolution switch, and automated notifications on the health of your surveillance monitoring are just a few of our capabilities. 

Need help finding your cameras on the list? Just let us know, and we'll add your cameras free of charge. Checkout the List of Supporting Cameras

Video compression is the central element of reducing bandwidth & storage costs of consumption when it comes to modern surveillance solutions.

Advanced Video Coding (i.e. Codec), known as H.26X or MPEG-X, is a video compression standard based on block-oriented, motion-compensated coding. Since 2021, most camera manufacturers implemented advanced codecs in most of their new lines of the hardware.

As the latest emerging technology, H.264 and H.265 smart codecs have become popular, aiming to further reduce bitrates compared to previous frameworks.

But what happens if your existing surveillance investment does not have one? You can easily make an in-App installment to add ARCADIAN's Smart Codec plugin to any of your camera models!


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The Company

Privately funded at seed by Canadian Angel Investors, we are a female-founded company established in 2021 in Deleware, US. Backed by a solid advisory board, we are a highly accelerated startup with a deep determination to elevate businesses' security posture. 

Our mission is to make the Right to Safety — a viral phenomenon. 

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ARCADIAN.AI is an Emerging Technology company innovating with cloud-native surveillance solution offerings; we are on a mission to elevate businesses' security posture.

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Yes. You will soon be able to purchase ARCADIAN.AI's range of physical security cameras from our website and trusted partners.

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We're all about empowering.

If you are a camera reseller, physical security dealer and/or system integrator, we would love to have you onboard. ARCADIAN.AI's flexible open architecture allows us to offer you flexible pricing, bridge hardware and beyond; all towards a mutually exclusive revenue-sharing business model. Let us know what your business desires in order to grow with us.

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As an accelerated startup, we invest in innovation, talent and team spirit. If you are passionate about data science, surveillance and catering to the future of humanity, we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to drop us a mini-paragraph on what's your dream role and why you would be a good addition to our team.


Starting at $199 per month

  • Private, public, hybrid or on-prem 
  • Supporting 3,000+ camera models 
  • Custom integrations to your organizational tools: slack, teams, order management, etc.
  • Business intelligence reporting.
  • Organizational roles & permission
  • Free installation, deployment, and lifetime support

We deploy ARCADIAN.AI as a total white-label cloud-native solution for enterprises seeking technically mature SaaS solutions. Pricing depends on the cloud infrastructure of your choice, databases and inter-organizational legacy system integrations. Feel free to drop us a line for an assessment.

As Low As $4 per month

  • Keep all your existing cameras.
  • Up to 100 Cameras, Infinite Locations.
  • Store your footage for 3, 7, 10, 30 or 365 days.
  • Save cost on extended cold storage.
  • Invite up infinite teams.
  • Cancel anytime, free of charge.
  • 24/7 Support, free installation

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As Low As $2 per month

  • Up to 20  Cameras
  • Store your footage for 3, 7, 10 or 30 days.
  • Cancel anytime; free of charge.

48-hour free trial. Be the first to know. Early Access

Shop bridge for a one-time purchase of $199 + tax

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We're all about empowering.

In case you are a camera reseller, physical security dealer and/or system integrator, we would love to have you onboard. ARCADIAN.AI's flexible open architecture allows us to offer you flexible pricing, bridge hardware and beyond; all towards a mutually exclusive revenue-sharing business model. Let us know what your business desires in order to grow with us.

Drop us an email with Partners Program as the headline.


We would love to hear from you. Write to us.