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Cloud Surveillance

sur·veil·lance (noun)

Close observation to detect anomalies, suspicious activity

Ongoing systematic observation to collect critical information with regards to your safety.

Watch kept over assets, places, and people for the purpose of information gathering, managing or directing.

Automated Video Surveillance Monitoring -- Through Cloud Storage

VSaaS, or Video Surveillance As A Service, is a term that describes the industry of providing surveillance through cloud-native software and cloud storage.

A R C A D I A N . A I is a modern cloud-native VSaaS platform enabling you to Plug & Play any of your existing or future security cameras, for the purpose of scaling your cloud storage at cost, maintaining the safety of your business, people and assets.

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Early access

Remote Access, Real-Time Monitoring

Disaster Recovery

Video Analytics, Search

Zero-Trust, Cyber Security

Scalable Cloud Storage

With the power of cloud connectivity, your whole surveillance paradigm enters a new dimension.

In a matter of minutes, your cameras are brought online and accessible via any device connected to the Internet.

Our bandwidth-first architecture ensures your streams always remain uninterrupted at an average of only 1.5 Mbps per stream.

No footage is ever lost with our platform.

Whether it's due to natural or man-made disasters such as robbery, our zero-downtime infrastructure combined with built-in edge storage support on our hybrid bridge (Cloud Connector) ensures that all footage is always securely end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) and transmitted to the cloud at all times.

Our built-in machine learning also enables advanced features such as search in live, object detection, people count, and motion detection, allowing for easy scalability and integration with other security systems.

Our modern solution eliminates the need for on-premise storage, maintenance and video footage monitoring, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Zero-trust is a security philosophy that involves verifying the identity and status of users, systems, and integrations at every digital interaction, rather than trusting them by default.

ARCADIAN.AI's zero-trust policy eliminates breaches of information and cyber-attacks on your systems by 0%.

By preventing all unauthorized access to your data and systems at all times, even our teams do not have access to your footage. You are the only one with access to our video surveillance; we only protect your systems from any potential threats that may compromise your data privacy.

At A R C A D I A N . A I, we take pride in providing a virtual surveillance solution that is not only sophisticated and reliable but also cloud-native and scalable from the ground up.

You have complete control and freedom over the number of days you want to store your footage for. Our Storage Retention Period offerings vary from 3h, 24h, 1d, 3d, 7d, and 30d to 365 days in extended cold storage setups.

Multi-location surveillance monitoring, store physical security

For Business, Unlimited Locations

A R C A D I A N . A I removes the effort required to monitor. Our platform is meant to be an invisible pillar of your business's security and continuity by

  • Solving for your existing physical security hardware and supporting your future investments
  • Eliminating your physical security cyberattacks by zero percent
  • Receiving proactive real-time alerts on your hardware health, potential threats and suspicious behaviour
  • Scaling your cloud video storage at low as $4 per month per camera
  • Enabling you to manage multiple locations, teams and permissions under one umbrella
  • Increasing your situational awareness by connecting your cameras to your locks, access controls and sensors;
  • And last but not least, Offering you surveillance automation and video analytics tailored to your unique business needs.

Bring Your Own Camera

Want to keep your existing hardware?Supporting 3,000+ Camera Models
3,0 0 0+  camera models
  • 3,0 0 0+ camera models

Machine Learning & Video Surveillance

It's challenging and potentially error-prone to manually monitor video footage to identify events, incidents, and behaviours by sight. Some might even argue that it's an impossible activity.

To automate understanding of the enormous amount of data surveillance captures, we rely on machine-learning engines to build deep-learning algorithms.

Video analytics are built-in machine-learning algorithms that automatically generate annotations, giving context to events happening in the video, called the Metadata.

Preventative surveillance monitoring is taking control of situations before they occur. The use of deep learning (AI) in surveillance monitoring significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the surveillance process, equipping us to respond more quickly to potential threats or incidents.

Early Access

Eliminating the effort required to monitor video footage.



Outdoor garage [camera: main PTZ] detected motion. AI metadata tag: [human in black]

Action: Calling 911

For Enterprise, Multi-Cloud Deployment

A R C A D I A N . A I, as a cloud-native solution from the ground up, is deployed on Amazon AWS. We do offer private ARCADIAN cloud, hybrid and your own inter-organizational private cloud deployments at an enterprise level.


Enhance visibility into your business's security.

Public Safety


Construction & Property Management


Independent Small Shops, Gas Stations

Shared Office Spaces



Health Care

Elderly Care

Warehouse, Agriculture, Produce


Speeding up investigation by centralized video security monitoring connected to city and police entities. Suitable for underground subway, train stations, and public transportation.

Multi-branch management to ensure the safety of assets and your employees all across. With the integrated emergency response availability, mitigate risks and meet compliance standards at all layers -- Cloud, hardware, application and network.

Ensure the security of multiple properties, equipment and employees from a single point of view at cost. Zero-touch maintenance to streamline your construction operations.

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Write about specific product features or store details.

WeWork, Shared Office, Security, Surveillance, We Work

Write about specific product features or store details.

Write about specific product features or store details.

Write about specific product features or store details.

Write about specific product features or store details.

Write about specific product features or store details.

Write about specific product features or store details.

Write about specific product features or store details.

Your Open Architecture Solution, Maximizing Situational Awareness

IoT Connectivity

As an API-first platform, A R C A D I A N . A I, by design, enables connectivity to your access controls, locks, alarms and sensors, maximizing the intelligence of your entire surveillance monitoring systems.

API-First Architecture

Physical Security [as-a-service] ConnectivityOpportunities
No Hostage Policy

As an emerging technology company innovating with solutions to enhance your quality of life, you always have the right of use of the hardware you have purchased from us. If at any point in time, you realize you are unhappy with our VSaaS services, we will not keep your equipment hostage. No commitments, no fees applied. No questions asked; cancel anytime.

It is crucial to be waking up to a world that is exciting, inspiring and giving you the power of choice to step away any time.

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