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Public, Private or hybrid cloud, we offer autonomy and ownership.

Arcadian is a VSaaS (Video Surveillance As A Service) cloud-native software to automate connecting, monitoring, scale storing and seamlessly minimize the effort to analyze the enormous amount of data physical security cameras capture. As surveillance became a vital pillar in building modern societies to re-enforce the safety of the public, autonomy and ownership of assets, “recovering” from catastrophic events is now replaced with preventing the so-called incidents.

To reflect on the concepts defining the infrastructure and behaviours that shape our modern VSaaS solution today, we must take into account that our infrastructure represents a well-defined balance of market demand, a total user-centric approach and our innovation arm’s forward-thinking vision to enhance the quality of life.

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Cloud Security

Arcadian's security paradigm is a lightweight, highly secure and scalable infrastructure that simplifies our integrations, increases our agility and delivers the most up-to-date stable versions of our primary building blocks on Kubernetes security-first protocols.

Secured at every layer, hosted on trusted private & public cloud providers withholding ISO 27001, SOC 2, and SAS 70 certifications, Arcadian has implemented a robust GDPR compliance regime.

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Integrations & Beyond

Our API-first gold standard empowers you to gain full visibility, transparency and control. Connect to your day-to-day operational tools and legacy systems --

Sales & Order management, communication tools, analytics engines of your choice, private clouds and more.

Slack, Google Suit, Microsoft 36, Last Pass, and OKTA.

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Introducing The Bridge

The mini 0.5 lb access point technology requires no port forwarding, no DDNS or manual setups.

Bridge is the ultimate timeless surveillance solution connecting your existing security investments to a cloud-native modern solution.

Connecting up to 20 cameras by one-easy click, supporting more than 3,000 camera models.

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We're on a quest to liberate privacy in the surveillance industry.

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