Accelerating Incident Response Time

Beyond Monitoring

ARCADIAN.AI is at the forefront of delivering groundbreaking automated video security monitoring specifically designed for small businesses.
Our approach transcends detection; we emphasize prevention, anticipation, and swift action.

How Security Monitoring Should Be


Panoramic Coverage, No Blind Spots

ARCADIAN.AI, demonstrating compatibility with over 3000+ camera models from leading brands, provides a bird's-eye view coverage, detailed heatmaps, and accurate tracking.

video intelligence

AI-Powered Detection,

AI redefines perception, transcending the limitations of human senses. ARCADIAN.AI elevates security through continuous pattern analysis, threat prediction, and rapid industry-specific events mechanisms, significantly minimizing false alarms --- protecting what you love the most.

Intelligent motion detection

Intelligent Natural Language Search

Redefining conventional surveillance, our platform introduces groundbreaking detection of objects, people, and threats, powered by machine learning and sophisticated computer vision intelligence.

Object tracking and identification

Saying No to Face Recognition & Gender Classifications

We prioritize individual privacy and collective security, evident in our decision to refrain from using facial recognition and gender classifications. Our commitment ensures unbiased treatment, upholding basic human rights and promoting equality. At ARCADIAN.AI, safety and privacy go hand in hand.

Facial recognition technology

We’re on a mission

To A Safer Tomorrow

Our primary advantage lies in staying ahead, preemptively addressing threats before they materialize.

Our Team

We are more than a company; we are pioneers, futurists and engineers envisioning a safer tomorrow.

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Securing Tomorrow, One Camera at a Time. Join our quest - witness the dawn of a new era in safety.