Our Team

Marie Roo-hi

Co-Founder & CEO

Hossein K. Dizaji

Founding Engineer, ML Strategist

Hue Zaman

Founding Engineer, Solution Architect

Reza Roohi

Co-Founder & President

Team of 10+

Global Engineers



Core to every thought, decision and action is your privacy and data protection. We uphold individual privacy while elevating collective security.



We embrace the essence of humanity, celebrate innovation, and approach obstacles with unwavering optimism.



By harnessing the power of data, we drive positive change and shape a better future for all.


It takes more than one bee to make a hive.

We are futurists, disruptors and visionaries. With the right team, we can be more forward-thinking, open, and efficient in moving toward a better tomorrow. We are the engineers of tomorrow, and we're looking for those eager to join our team and build it with us. If you feel your core values are aligned with us, drop us a line.

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    Our Team

    We are more than a company; we are pioneers, futurists and engineers envisioning a safer tomorrow.

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    Securing Tomorrow, One Camera at a Time. Join our quest - witness the dawn of a new era in safety.