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Cloud-Storage Control & Transparency

As a pure cloud-native Surveillance As A Service (VSaaS) solution provider, we offer a seamless transition with zero downtime, as low as $2 per month.

Did you know you can keep all your existing cameras and automatically connect via our Smart Bridge cutting-edge technology?

Transparency and control over your hardware is one click away. Receive In-App, SMS and email Camera Health Notifications. Invite members to your workspaces and control their access level by creating adequate teams. Our interface is all about freedom & control.

Analyzing the enormous amount of data our surveillance investments capture is mundane, prone-to-error and impossible for human eyes.

Relying on data science & machines, Arcadian provides you with advanced tools to search, browse and organize information -- NLP, Metadata, Bookmark, Tags & More.

A bookmark is any Event in Time marked by you, simply captured by our automation module to help you organize your footage for the goal of making better business decisions. What is your Security philosophy today?

Prevention of incidents can scale your security posture to a competitive edge.

Powered by automation, Arcadian empowers you to create custom workflows to prevent incidents and notify certain people or even the authorities. Protecting your loved ones, assets and businesses no longer needs to be a manual task.

By analyzing the audio, images and trends of your footage, Arcadian provides you with meaningful insights into humans, vehicles, objects, attributes, and events happening around you -- on Cloud, on camera (i.e. The Edge) and in-application.

Did you know you do not require high-speed internet to plug & play and stream?

Having the option to freely control over your cloud storage usage enables you to save a lot of money!

The Low-Cost Mantra

" Safety must be a given, no matter where you are in the world. Join me in my mission of liberating privacy. . .[Arcadian] is how security must be offered -- Free, to everyone, anytime, anywhere. "

Co-Founder, CEO

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